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PA indoctrinates children to boycott Israeli goods, saying that buying Israeli products finances the killing of Palestinian children

Images posted on the Facebook page of the PA Ministry of Education


The following images show a poster with various signs on it.

Text on signs: “Support your homeland by buying your land’s goods”

“I am boycotting” (the sign features Israeli milk cartons covered in blood -Ed.)

“Beware! Lethal Israeli goods” (the sign features a boy drinking an Israeli beverage as a bullet exits the back of his head at the same angle as the drink -Ed.)

“The halal breakfasts, not from the occupation”

“I am boycotting. [And you?]”


















The following image shows a sign featuring drawings of an Israeli flag with a red “X” crossing it out and Israeli products.

Text on sign: “[Is] it not an embarrassment that we are buying Israeli goods? Boycott the Israeli goods”



The following image shows a keffiyeh (Arab headdress) with a sign on it featuring the Israeli flag with a no symbol on top of it.

Text on sign: “This site is free of the enemy’s goods”



The following image shows students holding a poster.

Text on poster: “Document promising that I will boycott

On the basis of the school’s initiative and out of faith that boycotting is resistance, we promise to adhere [to this statement:] We, the Kafr Ein High School, commit to boycotting the occupation’s goods and not to bring them into our school or homes”



The following image shows a poster featuring the same signs as the poster above, with the following additional text: “The Ein Siniya Coed Elementary School”



The following image shows two students standing and looking at notes, while one of them speaks into a microphone. On the window behind them are several signs.

Text on signs: “Our national goods are preferable”

“Do not pay the price of their bullets”

“Together in support of the national goods”

“Palestinian Goods Day – Nov. 1, 2021”

“The halal breakfasts, not from the occupation” (i.e., a play on words, “from the occupation” sounds similar to halal in Arabic)

“Boycott their goods and resist their terror”

“Your land’s goods – for you and your children”



The following image shows cheese with a sign stuck in it.

Text on sign: “Fight through your food – support your land’s goods”



The following image shows woven baskets with signs hanging above them.

Text on signs: “Shame on you! Seller and buyer of Israeli goods

Palestinian, be proud! Support your national goods”