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Haifa and Jaffa are part of “Palestine,” states PA minister

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PA Minister of Education Marwan Awratani: “If you speak about the geography of Palestine, where we are, where we are located, the land of Palestine is in Haifa, Jaffa (i.e., Israeli cities), the Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem. From their [the Israelis’] perspective this is also a big problem. You speak about the geography. Again, when we speak about the geography of Palestine, for them in all their books, all the schoolbooks in Israel whether of the religious, the settlers, or the official education of the government – there is no mention at all of a Palestinian entity, of Palestinian geography, of areas, it’s completely lacking (sic., Israeli education teaches about the Palestinian Authority that was created in the 1993 Oslo Accords; the Palestinians never had a state and have no history prior to the modern period). For them it is the land of Israel, and its borders are not clear at all. Okay, what should we do? Will we falsify our geography and history with our own hands?”


Official PA TV host: “That is unacceptable.”