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Mother about terrorist "Martyr" son: He wanted 70 wives

Mother of Yusuf Shaker Al-Asi: "People always told me, 'Marry him off, so he will bring you happiness.' I said to him (my son), 'I want to marry you off.' He said, 'Are you laughing at me? Just one wife?' I asked him, 'What do you want? Four, according to tradition?' He said: 'I won't rest until I have 70 [wives].' 'I want 70', he told me." Photograph of Al-Asi shown, with inscription: "Allah, before we die we ask Your forgiveness, and when we die - Shahada (death for Allah), and after death - Paradise, Master of the world." (One of many versions of popular Islamic/Muslim prayer.) Poem displayed: "Do not weep and do not be upset; be most patient in a most beautiful way... Don't think that I am dead when I die as a Shahid; rather, I have truly achieved a good life... I am living well in my Paradise... Oh mother, how beautiful Paradise is! There are Dark-Eyed [virgins]... Life is precious, but for the Shahid it is like a seed... There I shall remain with goodness forever... So be happy, smile and rejoice."

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