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Israeli judges are “criminals” causing “all the Palestinians’ problems,” and "deriving prime benefit from all the crimes that occur" declares PA

Official PA TV program From the Israeli Archive, on an Israeli TV report on Jewish residents in East Jerusalem




Official PA TV host Nasser Al-Lahham: “The cause of everything that is happening is the [Israeli] judges and courts. The criminal is the Israeli judges, the Israeli court, and we do not focus much [on this]. We focus on the political parties, on the right-wing, on [former Israeli Parliament Member] Rabbi Yehuda Glick, on [Israeli Minister of Interior] Ayelet Shaked – Ayelet Shaked is the minister of justice (sic., former minister of justice). The Israeli legal system is the cause of the crimes since 1948 and to this day, it gave legitimacy to murder, assassinations, executions, and house demolitions. All the human rights violations are signed off on by an Israeli judge, even administrative detention [is signed off on by] a military judge. The military judges and civil judges in Israel are the prime criminals who are accused of everything that is happening in the occupied capital [Jerusalem] and of all the events… Every crime that the occupation has committed since 1936 (refers to 1936-1939 Arab Revolt -Ed.) and to this day against the Palestinian people has an Israeli judge standing behind it. We are not inciting against the judges, but the Israeli judges are prime partners and derive prime benefit from all the crimes that occur…The Israeli judges are the cause for all the Palestinians’ problems, whether in Jerusalem or not in Jerusalem.




The official PA TV program From the Israeli Archive is hosted by Nasser Al-Lahham, who is also the Editor in Chief of the independent Palestinian news agency Ma’an.