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Young Palestinian woman’s engagement to terrorist serving life is “message of defiance and hope”

Official PA TV host: “This is for prisoner Mahmoud [Abu] Wahdan (i.e., PFLP terrorist)… who got engaged to Aya Dababseh, who is also a released prisoner. She decided to get engaged to a prisoner who is sentenced to life. This is a message of defiance and hope through [our] program Giants of Endurance” …

Caption:“ Song added by PA TV

Lyrics: “All the love and importance, everything, Mahmoud... You are overcoming the prison guard, a free person, the greatest lion. On your birthday I present you Abu Wahdan with words of strength and determination adorned with flowers, words of gunpowder... Your voice calls us, Mahmoud. Words of splendor are written on his weapon.”

Caption: “The marriage contract of prisoner Mahmoud Abu Wahdan”