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PA TV visits home of ”heroic prisoner” Abu Sarhan, killer of 3

PA TV program In a Fighter's Home visits the home of prisoner Amer Abu Sarhan, in the Bethlehem district:
PA TV host: "Dear viewers, welcome to this episode about the heroic prisoner Amer Abu Sarhan from Al-Abidia."
Abd Al-Fatah Hamael, District Governor of Bethlehem, visits the prisoner's home.
Hamael: "I am happy to be in this home, which is full of goodness – the home of the father of heroic prisoner Amer Abu Sarhan, whom we often honor… by means of you [PA TV], and to all his fellow brave, heroic prisoners, resolute, Ribat (religious conflict/war defending Islamic land) fighters, and to the glorious female prisoners, in the occupation's prisons – [our] blessing and appreciation and pride."

Note: Amer Abu Sarhan stabbed and killed 3 people in 1990.