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Title: Israel is “committing worse things” than the "Holocaust and worldwide massacres," lies PA

Official PA TV program Personal Encounter





Journalist Ahmed Issa: “Now the true face of this [Zionist] project is being revealed. When this state was established, the international community identified with it, as if it were an answer to the Holocaust, or it saves the Jews worldwide from massacres – now it is committing worse things against the Palestinians. Indeed, it may be that some of the Israelis will accuse me of being antisemitic because I say this, but it is what the Israelis themselves say. It is what the Jews themselves say. For example, last year [2020] the known Jewish publicist and professor Peter Bernet (sic., Beinart) wrote or published research in the magazine Jewish Republic that caused a storm (sic., PMW was unable to find record of such a magazine, apparently refers to Beinart’s July 8, 2020 op-ed in The New York Times), I think, of more than 7,000 words in which he says: I stopped believing in the two-state solution, Israel is a state that harms Judaism, Israel is not the refuge or savior from the Holocaust – Israel is committing it, Israel is committing massacres against the Palestinians (sic., Beinart’s op-ed does not accuse Israel of committing massacres).”