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UNRWA is a “symbol” of the Palestinian refugees’ cause, says Arab League

Headline: “The Arab League emphasizes its support for UNRWA”



“The Arab League said that it will continue to support the [UN] Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees [in the Near East] – UNRWA, as it is a symbol of international commitment to [the Palestinian refugees’] cause, until the arrival of a just solution according to the international resolutions and the Arab peace initiatives. [The Arab League] will also continue to activate the channels of cooperation between the League’s general secretariat and UNRWA…

[PA] Ministry of Education Director-General Basri Saleh said that there are 500,000 children who receive their education in the UNRWA schools, and their rights must be protected just like all the students in the Arab states… He said: ‘We carry a strong message from the Palestinian [PA] Ministry of Education, and it is that the education of our children in the [refugee] camps has great priority, and it is necessary to find alternative paths to continue running the schools so the students will receive their education in accordance with our Palestinian strategies.’”