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PA TV and Fatah honor terrorist prisoner as "hero"

Father of terrorist Anas Jaradat:"I send greetings to [my son] Anas, who is a real hero. When I say 'hero' I recall all the actions which he carried out. (i.e., 3 car bombings). He is a hero in the full sense of the word. The reports that we hear confirm his heroism."
TV host: "You are the hero's father. We don't want to see the hero's father cry."

Fatah official, Jenin, Ata Abu Ramila:
"We say to brother Anas -- the heroic Jihad-fighter prisoner Anas Jaradat -- and to all the heroic prisoners: What Anas and all the heroic prisoners did is a glorious deed (i.e., 3 car bombings), a badge of honor for him, for his family, for our Palestinian people, and for all the free and noble people of our nation."
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Note: Anas Jaradat headed Islamic Jihad in Jenin and was responsible for 3 car bombings in Israel, causing the death of dozens. He is serving 35 life sentences.


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