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School child changes Israel’s name to “Palestine” in US school assignment "Mapping Exercise"

Image and text posted on the Aqlani Facebook page



Posted text: “The child’s father tells of the pride in his son who excels in his level of devotion in this test! Even though he received a grade of 6/10, his pride is that he resisted the deceptions of his American school regarding Palestine. Palestine is our eternal cause.”


The image shows an assignment in English titled “Arab World Mapping Exercise,” which was completed by a boy named “Omar.” The assignment lists the names of various countries in the Middle East and North Africa and asks the students to label the names on a map of the countries. Omar has crossed out the name “Israel” from the list and replaced it with “Palastine,” a misspelling of “Palestine,” and has likewise labeled Israel as “Palastine” on the map. Both instances of “Palastine” are circled in red on the image, and a red arrow points to his grade of “6/10.”