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PLO will stop recognizing Israel if Israel does not recognize “Palestine,” and Palestinians have a "right to continue to fight" until a state of Palestine is recognized

Headline: “The [Palestinian] National Council on the anniversary of the [Palestinian declaration of] independence: Recognition of Israel cannot continue without it recognizing the State of Palestine”




“The Palestinian National Council (i.e., the legislative body of the PLO) said that recognition of Israel cannot continue without it ending the occupation and recognizing the independent State of Palestine whose capital is Jerusalem, in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the international institutions…


In a statement it issued today, Sunday, [Nov. 14, 2021,] for the 33rd anniversary of the issuing of the [Palestinian] declaration of independence, the National Council emphasized that our people adheres to its right to continue to fight until it receives all its rights according to the relevant UN resolutions, and especially [UN] Resolution 181 of 1947 (see note below -Ed.).”




Palestinian declaration of independence - On Nov. 15, 1988, before the Palestine National Council (PNC), the Palestinian parliament in exile in Algeria, Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Yasser Arafat declared the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. Although the borders were not specified in the declaration, it recognized the UN partition plan of 1947, which called for the creation of a Jewish state and an Arab state in the former British Mandate for Palestine.


UN Resolution 181 (the UN partition plan for Palestine) was passed by the UN General Assembly in 1947. It called for the partition of the British Mandate of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states, with Jerusalem as a separate entity under the rule of a special international body. The Arab state was meant to be comprised of the western Galilee, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, and the remaining territory of the Mandate west of the Jordan River would be the state of Israel - Jordan (known at the time as Transjordan) had already been established in what had been the part of the Mandate that was east of the Jordan River. The resolution was accepted by the Jewish Agency for Palestine, but Arab leaders and governments rejected it, and launched a war to destroy Israel.

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