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“Allah be praised, I am the son of a Martyr” – son of terrorist murderer celebrates having a father who killed an Israeli youth

Images and text posted on the Facebook page of Aboud Abu Shkhaydam, the son of terrorist Fadi Abu Shkhaydam who murdered 1 person



Posted text: “Allah be praised, [my father is] a Martyr

The Martyr died as he wanted, may Allah have mercy on you, you are my support

You were everything for me

You lived like a lion and you died as a Martyr like a lion

Allah be praised, [I am] the son of a Martyr”


The images show terrorist Fadi Abu Shkhaydam with his son Aboud Abu Shkhaydam.



Fadi Abu Shakhdam - Palestinian terrorist and senior Hamas member who murdered 1 and wounded 4 others, one of them seriously, in a shooting attack with a submachine gun near the Chain Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem on Nov. 21, 2021, before Israeli police officers shot and killed him.