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Prior to lethal terror attack, murderer gave speech promoting "heroic" terrorism: "Heroism is you standing against the Israeli oppressors and telling them ‘Get away from us!’"

Video posted on the YouTube channel Green Libya




The video, entitled “The words of Martyr Fadi Abu Shkhaydam before his death as a Martyr,” shows terrorist Fadi Abu Shkhaydam, who murdered one person, speaking at a demonstration.


Terrorist Fadi Abu Shkhaydam: “O dear ones, when we speak about the arenas of heroism, this is an arena of heroism. An arena of heroism is you standing against the [Israeli] oppressors. An arena of heroism is you telling the oppressor: ‘Get away from us!’ An arena of heroism is you comparing the [Israeli] spies with the drug dealers – after all, both of them damage us.”



Fadi Abu Shakhdam - Palestinian terrorist and senior Hamas member who murdered 1 and wounded 4 others, one of them seriously, in a shooting attack with a submachine gun near the Chain Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem on Nov. 21, 2021, before Israeli police officers shot and killed him.