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Lawyers for Justice denounces the PA for their “persecution” of lawyer activist, and says that the PA is "striving to stop any legal activity that reveals the truth"

Text posted on the Facebook page of the Palestinian group Lawyers For Justice



Posted text: “[Executive Director of Lawyers for Justice] lawyer Muhannad Karajeh will stand before the [PA] public prosecutor in Ramallah tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021, on charges of illegal gathering, inciting racial extremism, and making defamatory criticism of the [PA] government, in the context of his activity in the fields of human rights and law to defend the civilians and activists who are imprisoned for their political affiliation and activity for freedom of thought and expression.

The lawyer has been an advisor, human rights activist, and defender of human rights for 10 years, during which he has been subjected to assault, arrest, and imprisonment through illegal means, all of them in the context of fulfilling his legal calling as a lawyer and defender of human rights.

The Lawyers For Justice group sees that these ongoing actions, and what has happened and is happening to human rights activist Karajeh for years, express an unprecedented situation of harassment and oppressing that has been continuing for six months in order to harm human rights activity, legal activity, and expressions of opinion, and they are also striving to stop and freeze any legal activity that reveals the truth regarding what is happening on the street, such as arrests and severe violations, and even more so the role that the public prosecutor is fulfilling in providing cover to the arbitrary political arrests that have been carried out in the name of the law for years.

In conclusion, the group denounces the persecution of lawyer Karajeh and emphasizes that this persecution of the defenders of human rights, whose severity develops from day to day, strives to gradually break the psychological barrier separating between [legal] immunity and targeted attacks.


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