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EU renovated school in Arab settlement in Area C under Israeli administration

Text on screen: “A project to defend the Palestinians from forced expulsion from the West Bank and East Jerusalem.”…
Official PA TV host: “The EU and the partner institutions have gotten involved to provide a water network in this area.”
Text on screen: “Number of families: 40 families
Number of residents: “220 people”
Text on screen: “The EU office for humanitarian aid provided 23 million euros of aid in 2020” …
Host: “The story of the small children in Palestine is a tale of its own right, but in Umm Qassa the story is more difficult because they had no school. Therefore, they were forced to travel great distances to reach a school near them. However, last year [2020] the school was built, but it needed renovations and many facilities, and again the EU office of humanitarian aid got involved and renovated the school.”
Text on screen: “Number of students at the school: 48 male and female students”

Umm Qassa - an illegal Bedouin settlement in Area C, land in the West Bank under full Israeli administration according to the Oslo Accords

EU-funded construction in Area C - According to the Oslo Accords, Area C in the West Bank is under full Israeli control. Therefore, it is illegal for the EU to promote or fund any construction or development in Area C without Israeli permission. The EU’s intentional funding of illegal Palestinian building is an impediment to peace as it undermines respect for agreements and the rule of law.