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Official PA radio station: Acre is "the most famous occupied Palestinian city in northern Palestine"

Official PA radio station The Voice of Palestine, quiz program Landmarks from Palestine
Official PA radio host: "Hello listeners, today we will go together with you to visit the most famous occupied Palestinian city in northern Palestine. There we will visit a religious and tourist site that is considered to be of great significance due to its location and status among the Muslims on one hand, in addition to its immense territory and the height of its dome… This religious and historical site is located at the northern entrance of the city. It was built in 1782 CE, and the stones for its construction were brought from the ruins of Caesarea and Atlit. A famous ruler is buried at the plaza of the site, who ordered its construction. This site is named after him. This ruler was appointed ruler of this city in 1776, and later was appointed ruler of Damascus. This ruler was known for his great cruelty, and he received a nickname confirming it… This religious site is considered the second most beautiful Islamic religious site in Palestine after the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem due to its size and the architectural artistry that characterizes it...
Do you know what the religious and tourist site we visited today is, and in what city it is located?"

(The answer: The Al-Jazzar Mosque in the Israeli city of Acre, named after Ahmed Al-Jazzar, nicknamed “the butcher” –Ed.)

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