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Grow up and kill the Jews who killed your mother, PA official instructs grieving son of dead "martyr" terrorist

Video and text posted on the Facebook page of the Fatah Commission of Information and Culture



Posted text: “Report: A segment from the farewell to female Mart_yr Israa Khzaimiah (i.e., terrorist, attempted to stab Israeli security officers) in Qabatiya, in the southern Jenin [district].”


The “_” is an apparent attempt to evade Facebook’s algorithm -Ed.



Jenin District Deputy Governor Kamal Abu Al-Rub is standing with the son of dead terrorist Israa Khzaimiah next to her body, which is covered in a Palestinian flag.


Jenin District Deputy Governor Kamal Abu Al-Rub: “Say: ‘May Allah have mercy on her.’ Allah willing, we will pray together in Jerusalem. And the Jews who killed her – Allah willing, the moment we grow up we will kill them.”



Israa Khzaimiah