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Jews are “impure” and “the world’s dogs” in girls’ songs to their terrorist relatives

Niece of terrorist prisoner Muhammad Aref Oudeh: “They came to say that my homeland is their homeland
My land, my history, my residence have become their land
Jerusalem – could it be, people, that it would become the occupiers’ property?
Is it the capital of the impure?
No, it is the capital of Palestine
So it will remain, and so we will remain” …

Daughter of prisoner Husam Al-Dik: “O Palestine, the days of Saladin will return
If you only knew, the victory that you will have is the victory of Hattin
A Jew defiled Jerusalem and behaved tyrannically and violently
He gathered the world’s dogs inside you and [placed] a military camp on your land
Resistance is a weapon and a rock, you will never lose
Resistance is a weapon and a rock, Allahu Akbar (“Allah is greatest”)”

Muhammad Aref Oudeh – Palestinian terrorist who, together with terrorists Muhammad Khaledi and Ahmed Abu Hananeh, kidnapped Israeli taxi driver Gregory Rabinovich before Oudeh strangled him to death with a shoelace near Gan Yavne on May 10, 2009. Oudeh and Khaledi were arrested on May 23, 2009, and admitted to murdering Rabinovich, saying they did so because he was a Jew. Abu Hananeh was arrested on Aug. 17, 2009. Each of the three is serving 1 life sentence.

PMW was unable to determine the nature of the crimes of prisoner Husam Al-Dik.

Saladin - Muslim leader and Sultan of Egypt and Syria who defeated the Christian crusaders and conquered Jerusalem in 1187. The Battle of Hattin (July 1187) took place in the Lower Galilee in what is today Israel and paved the way for Saladin’s reconquest of Jerusalem (October 1187).

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