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Algerian athletes who refused to compete against Israel in the 2020 Olympics are “prepared to sacrifice our souls for Palestine”

Official PA TV News




Official PA TV reporter: “Celebrations of the 33rd anniversary of the State of Palestine’s declaration of independence (see note below -Ed.) received a different nature here in Algiers. The State of Palestine’s embassy decided that it would include a special expression of appreciation for those supporting the Palestinian people’s cause, for the two Algerian judo champions Fethi Nourine and [his coach] Amar Benikhlef who sacrificed their sporting future for the sake of the Palestinian cause (refers to Nourine’s 10-year suspension and Benikhlef’s as yet undetermined suspension after they refused to compete against an Israeli in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics -Ed.).”


Algerian judoka Fethi Nourine: “We are prepared to sacrifice our souls for the sake of our position and our word. We would never take a step backwards. As long as we are alive, we are for the sake of the cause at every opportunity, and Allah willing He will make our path succeed, and I hope that because of us and because of the people who are loyal, victory will return to our brothers in Palestine.”


Algerian Judo coach Amar Benikhlef: “We don’t regret, even if the punishment will continue forever. We support Palestine, whether justice is on its side or not, and that is a tenet of faith. If the punishment is not cancelled it will apply to us, and we made our decision out of faith in its justice.”





Palestinian declaration of independence

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