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PA Supreme Shari’ah Judge says Herzog's Hanukkah visit to Hebron "reminds us of Ariel Sharon's break in, which caused the mighty Palestinian second intifada"

Headline: “Al-Habbash: The defilement of the Ibrahimi Mosque will have most severe consequences, for which the occupation state will be responsible”





“Supreme Shari’ah Judge of Palestine and [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas’] Advisor on Religious Affairs and Islamic Relations Mahmoud Al-Habbash said that Israeli President [Isaac Herzog’s] decision to break into the Ibrahimi Mosque (i.e., the Cave of the Patriarchs) in Hebron and to defile it for the so-called Israeli ‘festival of lights’ [Hanukkah] constitutes a continuation of the racist Israeli aggression against our Palestinian people and its holy sites, and a deliberate attempt to provoke the Palestinians’ sensibilities even more, and more than this – the sensibilities of millions of Arabs and Muslims (refers to Herzog lighting a Hanukkah menorah at the site -Ed.)…


In a press release, the supreme Shari’ah judge added that this colonialist aggressive break-in reminds us of what former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon did when he broke into the Al-Aqsa Mosque in 2000, which caused the outbreak of a mighty Palestinian [second] Intifada (i.e., PA terror campaign 2000-2005, more than 1,100 Israelis murdered)


He emphasized that this planned break-in will have most severe and hard consequences, for which the occupation state will bear full responsibility.


The supreme Shari’ah judge emphasized that the Ibrahimi Mosque, like the Al-Aqsa Mosque, is a mosque that belongs to the Muslims only. He noted that its identity will not change, regardless of what the occupation does.”






Mahmoud Al-Habbash also serves as Chairman of the Supreme Council for Shari'ah Justice. In August 2019 PA Chairman Abbas dismissed all his advisors by Presidential decree. It is unclear what their status is today.


The second Intifada – PA terror campaign (2000-2005) in which more than 1,100 Israelis were murdered.