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PA TV host hopes that Israel "will not continue to exist"

PA TV program In a Fighter's Home visits the Lower Galilee.
PA TV host: "This is the Jujube tree (in Arabic: 'dum'). We eat its fruit. (The Arabic name for the tree is derived from the word meaning "to survive," "to persist"). When we say 'dum' it means something that will continue to exist; in other words, something that we love and is dear to us will continue to exist and will remain.
But our land, Allah willing, will not continue to exist for the Jews who expelled us, the Zionists. We and the Jews have not, so far, managed to live together. The Zionists want to erase our existence from Palestine. The 'dum' tree (i.e., metaphorically, 'existence'), Allah willing, will not continue to exist for them."