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PA warns: "If any Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike dies as a Martyr it would be the spark that lights the third Intifada"

Headline: “Participants in the “Outrage of the Free” march in Hebron in support of the prisoners warn of a third Intifada (i.e. PA terror campaign) in all [parts] of the homeland and Interior  (i.e., Israel)”



“If SamerEssawi, AymanSharawna or any prisoner on hunger strike die as a Martyr it would be the spark [that lights] the third Intifada, which will take place in all parts of the homeland, including within the ’48 [areas]” – this is what participants of the march warned of. The march in support of prisoners held in the occupation’s (i.e. Israeli) prisons, specifically those prisoners on hunger strike, started in front of the Al-Husein Ibn Ali mosque in Hebron and left in direction of the Ibn Rushd Square near the city center.

The civilians who participated in the hundreds, including senior officials, leaders, national symbols and [Arab] Members of the Israeli Parliament from the Interior, demanded to act quickly in order to end the suffering of the four prisoners on hunger strike - Samer Al-Issawi, Ayman Sharawna, Tareq Qaa'dan and Jafar Ezzidin – and to make an effort to free all prisoners, including the wounded and sick. They held the occupation regime responsible for what could happen as a result of its stubbornness and refusal to free them, and called on the nations of the world to work seriously to end the prisoner’s suffering. Likewise, they warned of the beginning of a third Intifada, of which the prisoners would be the symbol.

JamalZahalka, Israeli Arab MP, said that he had met with prisoner Essawi five days earlier. He made it clear that his situation is “critical”…

Zahalka warned of an “eruption” in the West Bank and in the Interior if any prisoner on hunger strike dies a Martyr, and said that the occupation regime will be held responsible…

Minister of Prisoners’ AffairsIssa Karake warned of the beginning of the “Intifada of the freed prisoners.” He said that these marches and demonstrations will not cease and that they will lead to an Intifada, until the prisoners return to their homes…”