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Founder of the Palestinian Liberation Front warns that Israel "will swallow up the area of the blessed Al-Aqsa mosque step by step" as they "have no respect for anyone else’s holiness"

Continuation of a press conference recording warning against building a Jewish synagogue west of the Wailing Wall


Muhammad Zaidan, Chairman of the Higher Monitoring Committee for the Palestinian public in the Interior (i.e., Israel):

“On behalf of the Palestinian Arabs within the Green Line (i.e. Israel), on behalf of all Muslims and on behalf of our brothers in Jerusalem, we turn to all these institutions so they will fulfill their role before it is too late. Because the Israeli establishment has no respect for anyone else’s holiness. If all the institutions we have mentioned will not be clear and decisive (i.e., earlier he turned to the International Islamic Organization, Al-Azhar, the UN and its institutions, Egypt, Jordan and the PA –Ed.) then the Israeli establishment will swallow up the area of the blessed Al-Aqsa mosque step by step as a result of which the final step they have been dreaming of will be fulfilled – building their alleged Temple on the ruins of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, God forbid!!”