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PLO official: UN resolutions affirm the Palestinian right of return

Headline: "Al-Agha: [UN] Resolution 194 guarantees the right of return, which will not be ‎harmed or influenced by the establishment of the Palestinian state"‎
‎"Member of the PLO Executive Committee and head of its department for refugee ‎affairs, Zakariya Al-Agha, emphasized that the right of return [of Palestinian refugees] ‎would not be harmed or influenced in any way by the establishment of a Palestinian state, ‎whether it arose on the basis of [UN] Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, or ‎whether on the basis of the Partition Plan [Resolution] 181. He noted that Resolution 181 ‎affirms the right of return… He said: 'No one has the right to demand of us not to appeal to ‎the UN, or to threaten us with ceasing [their] assistance if we go ahead with the appeal."‎