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Qatari-Egyptian deal set up in order to covertly pay Hamas terrorist employees

Headline: “Gaza: An agreement to cover the ‘Hamas’ public employees’ salaries from the Qatari fuel income that is transferred via Egypt”



“The Egyptian authorities are expected to start transferring fuel whose price is paid as part of the Qatari grant to the Gaza Strip [that arrives] via the Rafiah land crossing, so that it will be sold in the Gaza Strip and the amount [it is worth] will be paid to the public employees.

Head of the [Hamas] Governmental Ministry of Information in the Gaza Strip Salameh Ma’arouf told Al-Ayyam that the Egyptian-Qatari agreement on the matter is already prepared, and the relevant parties in the Gaza Strip are waiting for it to start taking effect. He also explained that according to the agreement, Qatar will pay the amount of the monthly grant to the public employees of Gaza, which varies between $7-10 million, as the cost of the fuel whose transfer is carried out via the crossing, and afterwards it will be sold in the markets for the regular price, and thus the money will be imported to the [Hamas] Ministry of Finance’s coffers in Gaza, which for its part will make the payments for the public employees.”