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PA libel: Official PA TV falsely claims that two Israeli "settlers" attacked a young Palestinian girl in an attempt to kidnap her

Official PA TV News




Official PA TV reporter: “Occupied Jerusalem raged after lawyer Hamza Quteineh made an announcement on his social media page and warned against the [Israeli] settler gangs who attempted to kidnap a 13-year-old girl (PMW found no evidence of such an incident -Ed.)… Eyewitnesses told lawyer Quteineh about two settlers’ attempt to kidnap a girl. The two attacked the girl at the Nablus Gate [of Jerusalem’s Old City] while she was on her way to school, but the young people saved her.”


Laywer Hamza Quteineh: “This story must be viewed in light of the report by Israeli Channel 13 two days ago [Dec. 7, 2021] on the establishment of crime gangs in Lod, Ramle, and other cities, which intend to commit hostilities against Palestinians and Arabs (PMW found no such report -Ed.).”