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PA distorts the truth, portraying terrorists as victims, and the officers who killed them in self-defence as “murderers” who "executed" them in the "most despicable" way

“The [PA] Ministry [of Foreign Affairs]… condemned the crime of executing young Muhammad Nidal Younes (i.e., terrorist, wounded 1 person), 16, at the Jabara Checkpoint next to Tulkarem. It held the Israeli government led by [Israeli Prime Minister] Naftali Bennett fully and directly responsible for the crimes of summary execution, which the occupation forces and armed settler militias are committing against defenseless Palestinian civilians, and for the incessant incitement to murder Palestinians…


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted the incitement from the political echelon in the occupation state and the army commanders. The latest example of this was extremist and racist Israeli Parliament Member [Itamar] Ben Gvir’s demand to shoot every ‘terrorist,’ as he put it, and his call to give the Israeli Prison Service the authority to shoot prisoners (sic., evidently refers to Ben Gvir’s bill to give terrorist prisoners the death penalty). This is in addition to the

comprehensive incitement, which permits the murder of ‘non-Jews’ and is spread as religious rulings by extremist rabbis (sic., Jewish law forbids murder)…


It said that the incitement to murder of the most despicable kind was manifested in the embrace of the murderers of Martyr [Muhammad Shawkat] Salima (i.e., terrorist, wounded 1) by the political echelon in Israel and in the decision to return them to military service. As part of this, extremist [Israeli Prime Minister Naftali] Bennett continues to praise ‘their heroism,’ and what is more, Israeli Police Commissioner [Kobi Shabtai] was proud of them and announced his intent to honor them.”




Muhammad Nidal Younes – 15-year-old Palestinian terrorist who wounded 1 Israeli security guard in a car ramming attack at Te’enim Checkpoint near Tulkarem on Dec. 6, 2021. Other security guards at the site shot and killed Younes in response.


Muhammad Shawkat Salima – 25-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and wounded 1 Israeli civilian near the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem on Dec. 4, 2021, and then attempted to stab 2 Israeli border police officers who shot and killed him in self-defense. Security camera footage shows Salima repeatedly lunged at the officers even after being shot, causing them to continue firing out of fear he was trying to detonate a suicide bomb or use another weapon.

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