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Director of the Palestinian Narrative Forum falsely claims that Israel "stole" the Shekel as currency and the Arabic language from Palestinians

Official PA TV News




Director of the Amman-based Palestinian Narrative Forum Bassem Ra’ad: “We need to hold a vigorous campaign to change much of the information that is accepted in the world, because it is falsified. If you want, I will give you examples. The shekel coin that Israel is using– they have no connection to it (sic., shekels were used by Jews in ancient Israel as evidenced by archaeological finds). This is a coin that was common in the area. It developed in the area between the Euphrates [River] and the Tigris [River] because they invented the idea of the coin there, and it was called shekel or thekel which means ‘weight’. They took control of it and took it. They took control of many things, for example the languages of the area. They claim that Arabic is Hebrew (sic.) and took control of many things.