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Jerusalem Municipality puts on harmless light-show for hannukah, PA argues they are "provocative Jewish drawings and slogans" meant to present a "fake history" of Jerusalem

Headline: “The occupation municipality illuminates the walls of Jerusalem with Talmudic drawings”



“On Sunday evening [Dec. 5, 2021], the occupation’s Jerusalem Municipality illuminated the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City with provocative Talmudic (i.e., Jewish) drawings and slogans for the so-called Hebrew ‘festival of lights’ [Hanukkah].

Our reporter reported that the lights focused on a section of the walls of Jerusalem in the Damascus Gate area and the area that continues [from it] until the Jaffa Gate through the New Gate.

It should be noted that through these pictures the occupation municipality is attempting to present a fake history of the holy city that matches ‘Talmudic’ legends about the site (sic., abundant evidence proves Jewish history in Jerusalem).