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PLO Executive Committee "condemns" Israel-Morocco defense agreement and "urges Morocco to cancel this agreement" which lays the foundation for security cooperation, intelligence sharing, and future trade

WAFA, 26 November 2021:

PLO Executive Committee condemns Israel-Morocco defense agreement



RAMALLAH, Friday, November 26, 2021 (WAFA) – The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) today condemned the recently signed agreement between Israel and Morocco that lays the foundation for security cooperation, intelligence sharing, and future arms sales.

"We hoped that the Kingdom of Morocco, which chairs the Al-Quds Committee, would not take this dangerous step in light of the racist measures practiced by Israel against the Palestinian people, its disregard of all peace agreements, its rejection of negotiations and the two-state solution, and its imposition of a fait accompli policy,” read a PLO Executive Committee statement.

The statement added that “the continued settlement and forced displacement of occupied Jerusalem, the gradual annexation of Palestinian lands, and the prejudice to the Arab and Islamic identity of Jerusalem and its sanctities” were reasons why Morocco should not have signed the agreement.

“This agreement constitutes a departure from what was stipulated in the Arab League summits, the Arab consensus, and the Arab Peace Initiative,” the PLO Executive Committee pointed out, adding that the agreement was “harmful to Arab national security and the interests of the Arab nation.”

The statement urged Morocco to cancel this agreement, saying that any departure by an Arab country from the Arab Peace Initiative, which stipulated that normalization comes after ending the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian and Arab lands, is unacceptable and a reward for the occupation.