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After Israeli Arab Parliament Member states that Israel is "A Jewish State," PA claims he "serves the colonialist Zionist project” and Jews “never were members of one people”

Excerpt of a column by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for the official PA daily


Headline: “Mansour and the declared conspiracy”




“I am not surprised by the claims of [Israeli Arab Parliament Member] Mansour Abbas – chairman of the Ra’am faction in the Israeli Parliament and partner of [Israeli Prime Minister Naftali] Bennett, [Israeli Minister of Interior Ayelet] Shaked, [Israeli  Minister of Justice Gideon] Sa’ar, [Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Yair] Lapid, and those who have joined them from among the most extremist Zionists in the colonialist coalition – who unabashedly and without an inferiority complex said in an interview with the [Israeli Arab] paper Kul Al-Arab on Thursday, Nov. 25, [2021] that ‘Israel is a Jewish state, whether we want it or not.’


There is not a grain of truth in this because Zionism hijacked the Jewish religion, and the Zionist Jews who were duped in Israel or who cooperate with the Zionist colonialist project are nothing more than mercenaries and pawns. The capitalist West used them and is still using them for its colonialist goals…


Judaism as a religion is also not a nation, and it never was a nation (sic., Jewish identity has always had both a national and religious component, and genetic research has proven the various Jewish communities share a common DNA link originating in Israel). Describing the Zionists as a ‘national group’ is inconsistent with the definitions of the concept of nation in the world. More importantly, they never were the members of one people…


Israeli Parliament Member Mansour Abbas, who is the leader of the Southern Branch of the Islamic Movement (the Muslim Brotherhood) [parentheses in source], added that he is not ‘sorry about joining the coalition, but rather on the contrary, every day his belief that Ra’am is going in the right direction strengthens.’ This itself reveals the determination to serve the colonialist Zionist project.