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Official PA radio station: Tiberias is a city "historical Palestine occupied [in] 1948 in the Galilee"

Official PA radio station The Voice of Palestine, quiz program Landmarks of Palestine
Official PA radio host: "Hello listeners, today we will go together with you to one of the cities of historical Palestine occupied [in] 1948 in the Galilee (i.e., in northern Israel). It is a very ancient city compared to the rest of the cities of Palestine. It is named after a Roman emperor and was established in 20 CE… There is a spring in this city that is attributed to Jesus. Under the city there is a bridge, over which passes the road to Damascus, and it is called the Daughters of Jacob Bridge. Despite the attacks and destruction that have befallen it over the years, there are still remnants of mosques, churches, and places of worship in it, in addition to the remains of buildings such as the Saraya (Ottoman building containing prison cells and the governor's residence –Ed.), the domes, and springs. Among its most outstanding features: the great mosque, the mosque of the bridge, mineral bath houses, and the bath house fortress… Our dear listeners, do you know which city we visited today and after which Roman emperor it was named?"

(The answer: The Israeli city of Tiberias, named after Emperor Tiberius –Ed.)

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