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While attacking Israel and making antisemitic claims, PA TV host supprisingly states that “We don’t want Jews to return” to foreign countries – we want "two states that live alongside each other in peace"

Official PA TV program From Cairo




Egyptian international legal expert Ahmed Karamani: “This is an occupier. The occupier’s policy is that he knows no satisfaction. Today they have no constitution. He has no recognized borders. Today he has no constitution – okay, where are my borders? Why haven’t they put their dream in a constitution, like all the states do? It is so that in the end when their influence increases, they will be able to expand. This is the settlement policy. The state dreams of borders from the Nile River to the Euphrates River, nothing less and nothing more. Therefore, it doesn’t want to limit itself.”


Official PA TV host: “Yes. Therefore, [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas emphasized more than once the idea of borders, in other words, that there is no clear map that shows where Israel is and where its borders are.”


Ahmed Karamani:We are speaking today about piggish capitalism, secret organizations that rule the world. We are speaking about a lobby in all the world’s states that controls the states’ decisions. Who is behind it? Israel, which in the end controls for the benefit of America, for the benefit of them both. But in the end, this matter is doubtful. They don’t want to get into the Palestinian cause at all. The Palestinian cause has remained as it was, and it will remain as it was…

The entire world has rejected the Israelis as a result of the problems [that they caused]. Let us return again to history, as from history we can expose the current situation and predict the future. [The world] ejected [the Jews] from their lands, and they [were] dispersed to all corners of the world. It ejected them and gathered them in Palestine. It will not let them return again. The world ejected them because it knows the problems [they cause] and knows their situation and their crimes.”


Host: “We don’t want them to return [to their lands]. We believe, and His Honor the President believes, in a solution on the basis of two states, but two states that live alongside each other in peace and one state does not violate the other’s rights, without harming the Palestinian people’s rights.”


Ahmed Karamani: “That will not happen. As long as there is no constitution that will not happen. As long as the Israelis are not obligated to it that will not happen. And the Israelis are very good at deception. Even in the international agreements and their decisions and the like there are word and letter games, there is deception, vague language, and ongoing fraud.”


Host: “They have no agreements and no reliability.”