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Libel: Abbas’ advisor falsely claims Israel is "threatening Al-Aqsa mosque’s foundations by carrying out excavations and tunnels underneath it"

Headline: “Al-Ruweidi: The occupation court’s decision is tantamount to forcibly uprooting the dead and the living”



“[PA] Presidential Office Advisor on Jerusalem Affairs Ahmed Al-Ruweidi said that the decision of the occupation’s district court to continue the work of sweeping out the Bab Al-Asbat Cemetery (sic., the court found Israeli excavations are on land declared “open public land” outside the cemetery’s boundaries) is tantamount to forcibly uprooting the dead and the living in the Old City [of Jerusalem], like the excavations and tunnels underneath the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque that threaten the mosque’s foundations (sic., see note below).”




The PA regularly falsely claims that Israel excavates under the Temple Mount, thereby endangering the Al-Aqsa Mosque, however the Israeli Antiquities Authority does not carry out any archaeological excavations on or under the Temple Mount itself due to Muslim sensitivities.