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Official PA Daily publishes article opposing "normalization" with Israel, following "the Zionist" Avram Grant's coaching of the International football team in Qatar

Excerpt of an op-ed by Fayez Nassar in the sports section of the official PA daily


Headline: “An offside for professionalism!”





"I am monitoring the normalization match between the former Arab stars and the former world stars, which took place two days before the [Arab Cup] final in the presence of Zionist coach Avram Grant, who I know of no reason connected to sports that justifies his presence (Grant coached the FIFA World Legends team against the FIFA Arab Legends team in Dubai on Dec. 17, 2021 -Ed.). The media did not focus on Algerian stars Rabah Madjer, Rafik Saïfi, and Rafik Halliche’s withdrawal from the match in protest of the stench of normalization that wafted from it. The cameramen and writers also did not focus on the Arab stars whose value diminished in the eyes of the athletes [because of their participation in the match], and foremost among them… [Saudi player] Nawaf Al-Temyat. A few years ago, this same Nawaf took an Arab position that we warmly applauded when he told a journalist who presented himself as Israeli: ‘I don’t recognize a state by that name!’ So what has changed, Nawaf?


During the [Arab Cup] final [in which Algeria defeated Tunisia], the TV director played his electronic match, and his [TV] crew’s cameras attempted to avoid images of the Tunisian and Algerian fans who waved Palestinian flags – a position that restored the [Palestinian] cause to the embrace of the masses…


The main TV director also did not let us enjoy together with the Algerian stars the intoxication of the senses after the victory in the match, because the Algerian stars waved Algerian and Palestinian flags and waved the Palestinian keffiyeh (Arab headdress) of pride. Our friend began to broadcast to us interviews with the match’s stars, even though these interviews could have been postponed slightly without losing their value.”