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Ynet News publishes article about PMWs pro-active measures against Facebook Israel for being “a platform for the PA and Fatah to glorify and encourage terror and incite violence against Israelis and Jews”

Headline: “Committed to removing hate content? When it comes to Antisemitism – that doesn’t always happen”



“The [Israeli] police launched an investigation of the Facebook company following a complaint by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) institute, according to which Facebook refused to remove pages of the Fatah [Movement] even though it incited to violence against Israelis…

PMW says that the police are investigating the complaint they submitted against Facebook on suspicion of crimes of aiding in incitement to terror by Fatah. This is following violent events that took place in the territories (i.e., the West Bank) in April [2021], in which the institute claims that the Palestinian Authority (PA) worked to incite the public to start an additional wave of terror and violence ‘to defend Jerusalem’ in a series of posts on Fatah’s nine Facebook pages. The [PMW] institute demanded that Facebook close the inciting pages, and when it was not answered it submitted a complaint to the police against Facebook Israel and the company’s Director-General Adi Soffer Teeni. The institute demands that Facebook ‘stop being a platform for the PA and Fatah for glorifying terror and encouraging terror, and close Fatah’s pages that have worked for years to encourage terror.’ The [PMW] institute contacted members of Congress in the US with a suggestion to investigate ‘to what extent Facebook and [Facebook CEO] Mark Zuckerberg were involved in the decisions to allow Facebook to be a platform for Fatah to incite to violence and terror against Israelis and Jews.’"

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