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Abbas hosts conference "to refute the Zionist narrative" in which Jewish history is baselessly attacked and Jewish connection to Israel is falsely denounced

Headline: “Under the auspices of the [PA] president: ‘The Zionist narrative – between refutation and deconstruction’ scientific conference was launched”




“The Fatah Movement Commission of NGOs and Al-Quds Open University launched the first scientific conference [entitled] ‘The Zionist narrative – between refutation and deconstruction today, Tuesday [June 29, 2021], at the Red Crescent Association Headquarters in El-Bireh, under the auspices of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas. This conference is part of the plan to refute the Zionist narrative, a plan which is being carried out by the university and the commission…


[PA] Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh… said: ‘[A possibility stands] before Israel – either to turn to a serious and real political path that is based on the two-state solution, or it will die a demographic death, as for the first time since 1948 the number of Palestinians inside Palestine (refers to Israel and the PA areas – Ed.) has become greater than the number of Jews by 200,000 people. If Israel does not turn to the two-state solution, we will reach the South African model, in which a Jewish minority will rule a Palestinian majority.’ …


He continued: ‘The war over Palestine and inside Palestine is a war of geography, and we have seen how 78% of historical Palestine has been gnawed away at for the benefit of the Zionist project. Currently they are gnawing away at what is left in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. We are [also] dealing with a demographic war, which we saw in 1948 when 920,000 Palestinians were uprooted and their villages were destroyed.’


Shtayyeh noted: ‘The occupation is waging a financial war against our people in order to impoverish it, so that it will be impossible to strengthen the public against the Zionist project; and the fourth war is the narrative war. To be precise and so that we will give our opinions only on the basis of the historical facts, in this war the place from which we begin the narrative war is important.The Hebrews, the Jews, and the children of Israel are not the same thing: The Hebrew is Abraham, peace be upon him, who crossed the river to the mountain; the children of Israel are the children of Jacob, and between Jacob and the prophet Moses there are 1,300 years, such that between the children of Israel and Judaism there are 1,300 years, and there is no connection between the children of Israel and the Jews (sic., Judaism began with Abraham, the first Jew, and the children of Israel is synonymous with the Jews).’

He explained: ‘Judaism is in the Bible as we know it today, which was written in 70 BCE (sic., archaeological evidence, most significantly the Dead Sea Scrolls, proves the Bible is far more ancient than that). And lest we lose the direction, the fake Zionist narrative is the one that mixed the Hebrews, the children of Israel, and the Jews.


Therefore, this is the key to discussing the narrative and the roots of the narrative. The other key is the fact that the Jews of today are Khazar Jews who converted in the 6th century (sic., genetic research has conclusively proven modern Jews share a common origin in Israel and are not the descendants of Khazars; likewise, a Khazar conversion of unknown scope was said to have occurred in the 8th century, not the 6th century).’


Shtayyeh said: ‘Israel as a Zionist project is functional and is not a state. In other words, it is a functional state. The colonialism in Palestine did not begin with the Zionist movement, but rather 15 years before its establishment, as the first colony Petah Tikva was established in 1882 (sic., 1878).’


[Al-Quds Open] University President Younes Amr said: ‘We are meeting today in a special scientific conference that deals with one of our most important national, political, scientific, and cultural issues: the Zionist narrative – between refutation and deconstruction. Zionism is colonialist political propaganda, and our hostility towards Israel has no connection to religion; our hostility is towards Zionism and the occupation state.The Jews’ connection to Jerusalem is only a connection of war and military occupation, as they connect Jerusalem to [King] David. This is after he killed the giant Palestinian king Goliath (sic., Philistine warrior, the Palestinians have no connection to the Philistines), overcame the Jebusites in Jerusalem, turned it into his seat of power, worked to build a Temple in which he would serve his Lord, bought a threshing floor from a Jebusite man named Araunah who was mentioned in the Hebrew story in order to build the Temple on it, and he built the Temple on it according to their story (sic., the First Temple was built by David’s son Solomon).Therefore, the connection is a connection of military occupation.’

Amr explained that there is no religious connection between the Jews and Jerusalem (sic., mentions of Jerusalem abound in Jewish religious texts; see note below), and that the connection of faith to Jerusalem belongs to Christians and Muslims…


He also noted that the Israeli occupation has attempted to negate the authenticity of everything Arab and Palestinian, because in all of Palestine there is no Hebrew name whatsoever regarding the Jews (sic., an abundance of archaeological evidence conclusively proves ancient Jewish history in Israel).”





Jerusalem” is mentioned in the Jewish Bible 669 times and “Zion,” another name often used for Jerusalem, appears 154 times, a total of 823 references. Claims that Jerusalem is not called “holy” in Jewish texts are likewise false. Jerusalem was called holy more than a thousand years before Islam was founded. Here is one among numerous examples: “Awake, awake, put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city” (Isaiah 52:1).

Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in the Quran.