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Abbas denies any Jewish connection to Israel and falsely claims that Jews are "khazars who converted to Judaism purely for self-interests"

Excerpt of an editorial by the official PA daily


Headline: “Instilling awareness of the conflict”




“In what can be described without any exaggeration as a first of its kind historic  lecture, which was held on Thursday [Dec. 23, 2021] at the [PA] presidential headquarters in the presence of a number of writers, intellectuals, academics, and civil society leaders, [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas spoke at length about the history of the Palestinian cause.


For the first time it was taught that this history began in the 9th century with the Khazar state whose residents converted to Judaism purely for self-interests (sic., genetic research has proven Jews are not the descendants of Khazars and that they share a common origin in Israel, debunking claims of mass Khazar conversion). They became the 13th tribe, outside of the Torah that defines a Jew as the offspring of the 12 tribes only (sic., converts are also defined as Jews).

 This means that the Ashkenazis who control Israel today are the children of this tribe! (sic.)


On the basis of this knowledge with its historical roots, the Zionist narrative is exposed – a most false narrative full of dogmatic fabrications that have no connection to Judaism!

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