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Abbas spreads anti-Semitic libel that "modern-day Jews are descendants of Khazars" and "the colonialist world powers used the Jews in order to execute their great colonialist plan"

Excerpt of an article by Dr. Muhammad Al-Masri, who attended a meeting held by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the PA presidential headquarters in Ramallah on Dec. 23, 2021


Headline: “Three hours with the [PA] president”




“[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas presented those present with a concise historical survey, such that dealt intensively with the injustice caused to the Palestinians when the world powers – and foremost among them the US and Britain – agreed to the theft of the homeland and land and to granting them as a gift to the Zionist movement, which is an inseparable part of the international colonialist movement.


President Mahmoud Abbas was clear when he said that inflaming the dreams of the Jews and realizing these dreams within a political entity was not the fruit of the efforts of the Jews themselves, but rather colonialist-theological plans and visions of colonialist world powers, as the modern-day Jews are mostly of Tatar origin (sic., genetic research has proven Jews are not the descendants of Tatars or Khazars and that they share a common origin in Israel). They are descendants of dynasties that established a kingdom in the 9th century called ‘the Khazar kingdom.’


In this statement, it appears that President Mahmoud Abbas sought to say that the colonialist world powers used the Jews in order to execute the great colonialist plan – dismantling the Ottoman Empire and afterwards dismantling the Arab nation.”