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Israel is "an artificial and fake state… made up of colonialists," created to solve the West’s “Jewish problem,” claims PA daily op-ed

Excerpt of a column by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for the official PA daily


Headline: “Israel is holding its breath”




“The Zionist project’s colonialist state cannot develop naturally because it is:

  1. An artificial and fake state.
  2. A state whose social structure is not homogenous, not in the social-class sense but due to it being made up of colonialists.
  3. Lacking identity, despite it claiming to be a ‘Jewish state.’ It is not, but rather ithas hijacked the Jewish religion, and religion cannot give an identity to any state.
  4. A new and temporary state, because it is incapable of surviving and developing, despite all the kinds of western capitalist support…


Therefore, the West has derived benefit from Israel for 80 years. It was created by the capitalist Western colonialists in order to achieve two goals; the first, to get rid of the Jewish problem in their countries, and the second, to realize the West’s colonialist aspirations in the Arab world: to steal its people’s resources, to thwart its development, to prevent the revival of the pan-Arab awakening enterprise, and to settle the historical Crusader accounts with the Arabs and Muslims.