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PA TV Ramadan program that criticizes PA officials forcibly taken off the air

Headline: "PA takes satirical TV series off air"
"A Ramadan TV series that became notorious for its criticism of Palestinian Authority officials has been discontinued on the PA-run Palestine TV, Attorney General Ahmad Al-Mughni said Tuesday evening. Al-Mughni told Ma'an that the decision had been made to stop broadcasts of Watan Ala Watar [Homeland on a Thread] after Tuesday's episode because 'it is full of mistakes, is meaningless and is a waste of time for people to watch.' The serial, aired during the holy month of Ramadan when broadcasters compete for captive audiences with soap operas and special series, had been praised the year earlier as an emblem of PA's ability to tolerate self-criticism.
Al-Mughni said Tuesday that the series is 'harmful to Palestinian society.' 'It mocks leaders terribly, and has a poor scenario,' he said, adding that episodes had crossed 'red lines.' 'There are people and personalities that can't be imitated in any way,' the Attorney General said.
The series had targeted the beleaguered Palestinian Authority health ministry, public sector workers union head Bassam Zakarneh and teachers union in recent weeks, and officials are reported to have complained to the Attorney General about the send-up.
Palestine TV is operated by the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation, and supervised by the Ramallah-based Ministry of Information.
Watan Ala Watar gained a huge following for its uncompromising look at themes of politics, corruption, nepotism, religion and morality."