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Fatah admits that they supported rioting and encouraged the anti-Israel Palestinian protests in Burqa – "Fatah declared general mobilization to come out against the settlers"

Headline: “Dozens wounded as thousands of civilians came out against the settlers and the occupation forces in Burqa and Bizzariya”



The Fatah Movement declared general mobilization and called on its young people to come to the village in Burqa in the Nablus [district] to fight the occupation and the settler herds.

A number of [Fatah] leaders came to the village to force the occupation to cancel the settlers’ procession that they have gathered for since last Thursday [Dec. 23, 2021] (refers to protest against demolishing a Jewish religious studies academy at Homesh, after terrorists murdered Yehuda Dimentman as he was leaving it on Dec. 16, 2021 -Ed.).

Fatah Deputy Chairman [and Fatah Central Committee member] Mahmoud Al-Aloul ‘Abu Jihad’ said at the village of Burqa: ‘We will come out as a divider against the occupation and the settlers with full force and vigor. The young people have awakened everywhere to resist the occupation, and we have no choice but to resist.’

Al-Aloul added: ‘We came today with the young people of the Fatah Shabiba [Youth Movement] to support the people of the villages of Burqa, Bizzariya, and Silat Al-Dhar, and we will not let the occupation behave tyrannically with our people and will resist it with full vigor and force.’

He added that: ‘The occupation leaves us no choice, we will continue with our resistance and will remain on our land, and we will defend our people from the occupation and the settlers who are targeting the land, the people, and the holy sites.’

Fatah Secretary in Nablus Mahmoud Hamdan noted that: ‘Today the village of Burqa is following the footsteps of Jabal Sbeih(i.e., mountain in the West Bank where the Jewish outpost of Evyatar is located) in Beita regarding resistance to the occupation and to settlement.’

Hamdan also added that: ‘Thousands of civilians arrived from all the areas yesterday evening to the village of Burqa to resist the settlers’ haughty parade.’

He also added: ‘Fatah declared general mobilization to come out against the settlers’ attacks, which constitute a true danger to the lives of the residents and their property, especially under a right-wing Israeli government that strives to support the settlers and the settlement.’”



Yehuda Dimentman – 25-year-old Israeli who was murdered in a shooting attack by Palestinian terrorists near Homesh, west of Nablus, on Dec. 16, 2021. Two other Israelis were wounded in the attack. Israel arrested four Palestinian terrorists suspected of carrying out the attack and seized assault weapons from them on Dec. 19, 2021.