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PA libel: Israel is behind violent brawls between Palestinian university students because Israel has a " systematic plan to present Palestinians as uninterested in a state of institutions of justice and law"

Excerpt of a column by Muwaffaq Matar, Fatah Revolutionary Council member and regular columnist for the official PA daily


The article refers to several violent brawls between students that recently took place at Palestinian universities, including the fatal stabbing of a student at Arab American University near Jenin on Dec. 4, 2021 -Ed.


Headline: “No one is above the law”




“The judicial branch… needs to act seriously and comprehensively to establish the principle of the rule of law, as we have begun to fear the collapse of the State of Palestine’s foundations if the matter is not taken care of…


The dangerous setbacks that have taken place and to which we are witness can only be described as an unjustified extinguishing of the values of liberation and freedom and of human morality within a people that has been dealing with this danger for more than 100 years (the racist Zionist colonialist occupation) [parentheses in source]. We are completely certain that the crime, the violence inside the institutions of wisdom (the universities and schools) [parentheses in source] that has replaced knowledge, morality, and education, in addition to the implementation of an apparently systematic plan to present the Palestinians, both as individuals and as a collective, as being uninterested in a state of institutions of justice and law – all of this is an inseparable part of the attack on the Palestinian people’s existence.


In this context, we think that the plan of military attacks – such as wars and massacres – and taking full control of the Palestinian people’s natural and financial resources has not achieved its goals in full. Therefore, there was no avoiding dismantling the unity of the Palestinian society through phenomena of violence and crime, which are spreading like wildfire among all its sectors without exception, while focusing on the sector of young students, as they are the future generation of the state. All of this is being done as preparation for landing the knockout punch on the concept of ‘the Palestinian people,’ which the Zionist system has worked to dissolve at all costs. This is because the [Zionist] system, which invented the legend of ‘God’s chosen people,’ ‘the promised land,’ and ‘the state of the Jews’ (sic., these concepts are in the Jewish bible)… cannot achieve its colonialist goals as long as the Palestinian people preserves the components of its existence and the continuation of its existence…


Violence spread in our universities in one week, as if there was one code word that came from one source! We emphasize that we do not want to hang all our problems on the terrorist occupation whose identity, the identity of terror and crime, is the most terrible the world has known in the past and present centuries, but at the same time the relevant security and legal bodies must check this angle carefully. Our past experience has proven how deep the Palestinian people’s enemies are in this activity, which in our eyes is more dangerous than any activity of cooperation with the occupation system or espionage on its behalf.”