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PA reveals that Palestinian terrorists watch PA TV in Israeli prison and receive messages from their families via the television network

Official PA TV program Giants of Endurance, interview with released prisoner Inas Asafra, wife of terrorist Qassem Asafra who murdered 1 person together with an accomplice




Official PA TV host: “You received messages from your children that were filmed on the [official PA TV] program Giants of Endurance and you saw them. What did they mean for you, as a female prisoner?”


Released prisoner Inas Asafra: “Yes, I saw them. The images that reached me brought my life back to the period in which the video was presented. I felt like I had returned to my natural life when I saw my children. I had hoped that the video would be longer so that I would be able to see them and look at them. I just wanted to know that they were okay, because there is no communication and no contact [in prison].”




Qassem and Nasir Asafra – Palestinian terrorist cousins who stabbed and murdered off-duty Israeli soldier Dvir Sorek, 18, near Migdal Oz south of Efrat on Aug. 7, 2019. The two were arrested a few days later. Qassem had previously stabbed and wounded 2 Israelis in a 2011 attack in Be’er Sheva, and Nasir is a Hamas member. The two terrorists are each serving 1 life sentence. Qassem’s wife Inas Asafra was also arrested together with her husband for not preventing the attack and providing shelter to the terrorists; she was released in 2021.