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PA Libel: Unfortunate car accident distorted as Israeli murder

Headline: “She defeated cancer, but the occupation cancer ambushed her – Martyr Masalmeh did not get to be a mother, and became everyone’s mother”




“Even though pictures of masses during funeral processions of the Martyrs have become part of the Palestinian landscape, the funeral of Martyr Ghadir Anis Masalmeh, 60, was very unique thanks to the participation of many children in the funeral procession.

Martyr Masalmeh ascended to Heaven on Friday [Dec. 24, 2021] in the town of Sinjil in the northern Ramallah and El-Bireh district, after a settler deliberately ran her over and escaped (sic., an Israeli accidentally hit her with his car and fled the scene out of fear he would be attacked. He reported the accident to police and was detained for investigation)…

Witnesses say that all the young people of Sinjil participated in the funeral of the Martyr, who did not get to have children. They competed among themselves to carry her coffin.