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Fatah: "We will not relinquish this land regardless of the cost"

Headline: “The Fatah Central Committee holds a meeting in Ramallah”




“Following its series of meetings, the Fatah Movement Central Committee held a meeting yesterday evening [Jan. 2, 2022] at the offices of the [Fatah Commission of] Mobilization and Organization in Ramallah…


The Central Committee welcomed the resolve of our people throughout the homeland who responded to the call of the homeland and the land, and their stand against the occupation forces and the extremist settlers. It emphasized that we will not relinquish this land, and that we will continue to stand firm on it and adhere to our principles from which we will not deviate regardless of the cost.


The Fatah Central Committee also saluted our brave prisoners in the occupation’s prisons. It emphasized that their cause is the Palestinian people’s central cause, and that we will not agree to the harming of them or their rights, no matter how heavy the pressures may be.”