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Abbas' representative lays wreath on grave of planner of Munich Olympics massacre

"Abdallah Al-Ifranji, special representative of President Mahmoud Abbas, laid a wreath yesterday on the grave of Amin Al-Hindi, 'Abu Fawzi', former commander of the General Intelligence Services, on the first anniversary of his death... He said, 'Al-Hindi left us early. From the time he joined the ranks of the Palestinian revolution in 1962, he was a pinnacle of giving: he was the head of the executive body of the Student Union in Germany, and thereafter the deputy of Shahid Abu Iyad (i.e., one of the founders of Fatah and Head of the Black September terror group. Planned the murder of 11 Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics in 1972 and the murder of two American diplomats.).' He added, 'We shall not forget him; we had hoped that he would be at our side on our difficult path...' Al-Hindi was born in Gaza in 1940. He worked in Fatah from the time of its establishment, within its security service, and he was directly connected to the Munich operation of 1972. He served as the first head of the PA security services."
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Note: Amin Al-Hindi was one of the senior planners of the murders of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

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