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Libel: PA falsely accuses Israel of burning an innocent Palestinian civilian to death

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Israel is responding to the [UN] Security Council meeting with additional crimes against our people”



“The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said that the Israeli occupation state responded to the [UN] Security Council’s monthly meeting, which was dedicated to discussing the situation in the Middle East and specifically in occupied Palestine, with additional crimes against the Palestinian people – which testifies to the Israeli contempt for the council…


In this context the ministry noted the execution of Hikmat Abd Al-Aziz (i.e., terrorist, killed while trying to run over Israeli soldiers), 22, from the village of Mirka south of Jenin, and him being burned inside his car two nights ago [Dec. 21, 2021]. It added that this constitutes a despicable crime that embarrasses humanity, and a direct implementation on the ground of the instructions and decisions that the occupation leaders are issuing to make it easier for the soldiers to shoot Palestinians and kill or burn them according to their caprices, mood, personal discretion, and state of mind (sic., refers to new open-fire orders allowing soldiers to shoot at terrorists who have thrown rocks or firebombs even if they are no longer in the act of attacking).”





Hikmat Abd Al-Aziz – 22-year-old Palestinian terrorist who attempted to run over Israeli soldiers at a military post near Ya’abad in the West Bank on Dec. 21, 2021. The soldiers opened fire in self-defense and Abd Al-Aziz crashed into a military jeep. One of the bullets hit the car’s fuel tank, and both vehicles caught fire. Abd Al-Aziz died during his attack.


Israeli open-fire policy of November 2021 - The Israeli army revised its open-fire policy for soldiers in the West Bank, which was reported on Dec. 19, 2021 as having been in effect since November 2021. According to the new policy, soldiers can shoot at the lower body of terrorists who have thrown rocks or firebombs at Israeli civilians, even if the terrorist is no longer in the act of attacking. However, soldiers must first go through the suspect arrest protocol of calling for the terrorist to stop, warning that they will open fire, and firing in the air before shooting at the terrorists. The revision is meant to prevent terrorists from being able to flee the scene and evade justice.