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PA Prime Minister threatens Israel "will disappear," while accusing Israel of being a colonialist entity

Headline: “The Eastern [Orthodox] Christian Churches marked Christmas”



[PA] Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said: ‘We condemn the crimes of the occupation that is controlling our land, destroying homes, desecrating the holy sites, and falsifying the narrative.’ He emphasized that the occupation has falsified the Islamic, Christian, and Arab narrative of Palestine, and we stand united against all the occupation’s steps in its war against the geography, demography, money, and narrative, and our people’s determination will thwart the occupation.

Shtayyeh said this yesterday evening [Jan. 6, 2022] during his speech on Christmas eve according to the Eastern [Orthodox] calendar in Bethlehem…

Shtayyeh added: ‘We are fighting against colonialism and its tools, and we are the spearhead in the confrontation against the occupation and with us is our Arab nation. Without a doubt we will extricate our right, the occupation will disappear, and we will establish our independent and sovereign state whose capital is Jerusalem, in addition to the return of the refugees.’ …

He continued: ‘Israel, as a state of occupation, colonialism, and settlement, is attempting to steal the right to self-determination and to an independent and sovereign state from us, and is attempting to steal Jerusalem from us, but our people is proving every day that it adheres to its right.’”