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Fatah: Israel’s response to Eilat terror attack is a ploy “to evade its internal crises”

On August 18, 2011, several Palestinian terrorists armed with rifles and bombs carried out a series of coordinated terror attacks near Eilat killing 6 civilians, a soldier and a security officer. The following is a response to the terror attack in the official PA daily by Adli Sadeq, columnist and PLO ambassador to India:
"A great operation, regardless of anything"
     "May Allah have mercy upon the Shahids (Martyrs) who fell during Ramadan, those of them who went out to confront the occupation forces (i.e., Israel) and did not return, and those of them who were bombed in the home of Khaled Shaath [commander of unit manufacturing rockets and bombs in the Popular Resistance Committees] and died a Shahid's death... The event did not start with the 'hostile operation' of resistance people who still believe that resistance through shooting is possible right now and not tomorrow; the matter began and continues with Zionist aggression against us in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, the death of a Palestinian at the hands of the occupiers, who still remain upon our land, is the attainment of Shahada (Death for Allah) within this great, bitter and blood-soaked injustice... What happened yesterday may be considered one of the most successful infiltration operations, for it is clear that the preparation of the routes for the men to reach their target was done some time ago, took much time, and required great effort. What this means is that this was a quality operation that will be difficult to repeat... The number of youths who attacked might be around ten, and at the time of writing this we know that seven of them died as Martyrs. Six died in the home of Khaled Shaath, including the child who died together with his father."
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